Duplicate Discussions Posting

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The recent forum update has several bugs which hopefully will be fixed in a timely manner. The issue with duplicate threads posting is noted and these are being removed as the mods see them.


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    It's great that the mods here still actually care, but at some point, you guys are inadvertently enabling the blatant negligence of the admins. Every time they do any kinda "maintenance", they break multiple features. Notifications have been broken forever, UA detection is broken, and the duplicate posts bug is just ridiculous. It's not even worth mentioning all the functionality they've gutted intentionally.

    Now that Stylish/US.o is owned by a corporation, you have to take into account the fact that they've both been demoted to a little experimental side project designated to some random employee who likely wants nothing to do with them. Perhaps they're even decent coders in other aspects of their job, but the coding for the extension and website have been an absolute joke.

    Apathetic company workers tend to do the bare minimum they can get away with, and only fix the bugs that are bad enough to catch the boss's attention. The duplicate thread bug is bad enough to warrant that kinda attention, but you guys actively cleaning up their mess on a daily basis keeps it off their boss's radar, so they can keep pretending they haven't screwed up yet another routine maintenance update.
  • just realized by reading your post now i got 3 dupe feedback post
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    This announcement was posted more than 2 weeks ago and the issue is still not fixed... That's sad :(
  • @Habetdin I don't want to know how sad you are when you hear about how long we've been waiting for the search to be fixed now...
  • This just happened to me when I posted a response to a style.
  • Happen to me too, when i was asking for updating the style because since the website was update it's not working. Now it seems like I'm a hatter or so, and I'm not able to delete those posts :'(
  • Just happened to me as well =(
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