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edited November 2007 in Style Requests is a video sharing site that I often visit...however, I'm getting tired of seeing black+gray all the time when browsing the site. There are different skins on the site, but they are only viewable when browsing channels.

Examples: (white) (blue)

If it isn't too much trouble, I would like to see either of these themes (I prefer the blue one) as the default skin.


  • edited November 2007
    little too big to post here so
  • Didn't expect a reply that quick. A good start, but there are problems (not surprising).


    Default at the top, Sytlish at the bottom. I've highlighted the problem icons in red. The problem icons have a white border that don't belong there at all, it's very ugly. Also, the big preview picture and parts of the web-player also have white borders around them. Happens when viewing any videos.

    Link to the example video here

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, one more thing! Comment boxes need correct colors.

    some blue comment boxes here

    Thank you for your effort...or even just responding in the first place!
  • stick it above the bottom }
    removed the white borders and changed the other ones to the darker grey
    change .date-detail if you want a lighter date
    i also did some auto width code below
    /*remove white borders*/ .divx-image, .no-border, .thumb{border-width:0!important} /*darker borders for mini videos*/ .video img, .no-border>img{border-color:#838383!important} /*darker comments*/ .comment-body{background-color:#111!important} .comment-header{border-color:#656565!important} .date-detail{color:#656565!important} /*resize main area*/ .comment-body, .comment-content, #container-body{width:auto!important} /*left/right*/ #body-sidebar{width:15%!important} #body-content{width:75%!important} /*comments*/ #comments{width:90%!important} /*align comments/video/info box in center*/ #video-detail, #comments, .divx-container{margin:auto!important}

  • Hello friend... excellent work you're doing, going out of your way to test your plug-in to its extent and to make it as uniform to as many different sites out there... If these places would just keep to Web Standards... there wouldn't be those kind of problems... and especially wouldn't be as much cross-browser incompatibilities... It looks Like I've come in at just the right time too, I'm noticing that another forums frequenter (drill guy... sounds like a Drill Instructor)... uses the same site I do... Stage6. ( There are a lot of styles available there... but they are only compartmentalized... and can't be used universally... thus your plug-in comes to play (** Applause here **) Still the same or continued problems with the style sheet postings here, on the site itself... I'm including links to my screen-shots of what's going on, along with a screen shot of how it ought to look. Hope it helps... and hope to see some Stage6 site wide personalized styles... If you want... (Don't know if it will help) the site uses about 11 different CSS sheets at almost all times... I can include each one with their appropriate names if you want... 11 for the default black... and 11 for the personalized (compartmentalized) look... Hope to hear from ya... You da man... (or woman??) either way... 'ppreciate ya... here are the screen-shot links:

    1. Actual look that is compartmentalized that is being desired to apply site-wide with your plugin:

    2. Current look with personalized CSS using the plugin:

    The following are the CSS sheets being used for the OCEAN-BLUE look I'm seeking (it's the most popular) to apply site wide.
  • it isnt a plug-in i just grabbed the code from the site and did a quick cleanup

    to fix the search area either use my above widening code or add this above the last }

    i am kinda confused though do you want me to do the same for the other styles the site has or just the ocean one?

    man btw
  • Cool, with some color edits on my side, it's nearing perfection now.


    1. Spacing Issues. It looks like some parts of the page (maybe the whole page?) have been shifted upwards, the blog title is especially concerning.

    Near the top (red line was a gray one, colored it so that it's easier to see the difference)

    Blog URL: (blog half-way down page)

    2. Some icons are giving me trouble again. Looks like a black border or maybe the background color? The BG color I'm using for those parts in the screenshot is #294c76 (darker blue).

    Problem Icons URL:
    Icons 2 URL:

    3. A lone search bar/button is the only one that is not properly aligned (even with your "#search-form{width:230px!important}" code inserted). Don't know how to fix, so...

    Screwed up. URL:

    4. Avatar borders. I don't know if this is fixable, but the way the borders work with avatars on this site is that when someone is online, the border of their avatar is green and when off-line, it's gray. With Stylish, all avatars are white by default.

    URL: Friend List.

    BTW, I didn't use your /*resize main area*/ text, it screwed everything up when inserted.

    I also added "background-color:transparent!important" to your thumbs fix. (yours got rid of the white borders, but it had that same weird black background/border effect that's messing up my icons right now)

    Thanks for the help.
  • 1. not sure what your trying to point out

    2. the icons have a black bg i could edit the images and remove it?

    3. its called #search-form-small so use this instead [id^="search-form"]{width:230px!important}
    4. stick .no-border>img[style^="border"]{border-color:lightgreen!important} below .no-border>img{border-color:#838383!important}
  • 1. I'm trying to point out that the blog title (with Stylish activated) is shifted way-upward compared to the default. Look at the blog title, "Blank" can see the difference in spacing (click the "Blog" link I posted before to see a comparison). To be specific, I want it to be shifted downward (the title),to the exact/proper way it's supposed to be.

    2. No, I mean, yeah, no.

    Heheheh, I mean, what would cause the icons to appear like that, and how would you go about fixing it, so that it matches with the color it's on? (if not match, make those little black parts transparent/go away/disappear, etc)

    The other 2 solutions are working without probs.
  • 1. look near the top of the style for h1,h2,h3,h4,h5{margin:0!important;padding:0!important;font-size:16px!important} and delete it

    2. not the greatest looking
  • XD, that's big, but it gets the job done. Thanks AGAIN.

    1: Problems with link colors.

    /* Links */

    I know that is what's used to change the color of the links, however, it also changes the color of the Navigation menu up at the very top (where it says Videos, Community, Watch, Log-in, etc). Is there a way to set it so that the rule ignores that particular space? I want to keep the links at the top their default colors, while applying the desired color (#88D9F3) to the problem links. Some channels have a certain theme that make links turn red ( like this channel here), it doesn't look good with the Ocean theme.

    2: Thumb ugliness. (Direct Link here.)

    Similar to the OTHER icon problem, when I have the style activated, there's some nastiness going around the big thumbs icon (where you click to rate the vids). What looks like is happening is that the original skin of the channel is showing up around the thumb icons. I don't want see that, so could you get rid get rid of it please?

    I think these are the last 2 problems I have in the entire site (I've been searching for any).

    BTW, the domain is now, not ...don't know if that helps or not.
  • Posted By: drillBTW, the domain is now, not ...don't know if that helps or not.
    you'll need to change to
    @-moz-document domain(""){
    @-moz-document domain(""){

    1. change it to body>div:not([id="header"]) a{color:#88D9F3!important;text-decoration:none!important}

    2. i just noticed i used the wrong link for the images so use this instead (it also has the other stuff changed)
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