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This is the issue that I am trying to solve. A number of differently-sourced live streaming videos for the Fox cable news channel currently circulate on the internet. Currently, nearly all include commercials in the stream, and that can't be skipped over. For quite a while, there was one source that streamed its video with a thin red band at the bottom of the screen that allowed the user to chose the time of the program to enter the stream. That allowed the user to manually skip over the commercials. About six months ago, this source started offering two streams: 1) A full-screen live video in which the commercials couldn't be bypassed and 2) The original stream, but with one difference. With the original, now only about 1/4 of the screen for this stream is the live stream. 3/4 of the screen is taken up with non-audio content meant to distract and force the viewer to go to their full-screen video. The bottom of the screen still allows the user to advance the programming to whichever time the user chooses.

What I would like to know is how to remove the 3/4 of the irrelevant material, and enlarge the video contained on the audible 1/4 of the screen to take up the entire screen - like that which existed six months ago. Would that be possible and is it something that is done using the "view page source" and "inspect element" feature on Chrome? If that 1/4 of the screen was enlarged to full-screen, would it result in distortion of the video?

A) This is the full-screen live video:

B) This is the original stream: (after one day, video is removed by user)

C) This is the original stream as of today: (new)

D) If (C) has been "removed by user", the latest URL is posted on Twitter. See here:
[See 1st or 2nd "Fox News Live Stream HD" URL]
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