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User Style Backup All Installed styles?

When I click the button labeled [Backup all Installed] in Chrome I get at the bottom of the browser window the notification or (or message or what ever it's called) that says:
"Failed - Network error"

Can someone please help me get stylish to make the "saved backup" file for/of my styles successfully, or at least explain why it's not letting me save the installed styles as a backup file successfully on my PC &/or maybe even how to fix or get around the problem please?

Cause it happens every time I've done it. (I probably did it cause I forget about it not working for me in Chrome... at least 20x I think.)
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  • You're using "Stylish"? It's been banned for spyware, but it also has a bunch of bonus bugs because the devs never cared. Unlikely that it's exactly the same bug, but you might try the solution here. Basically, copy the code there, hit Ctrl + Shift + I (on the manager page), select the console tab, paste the code and click enter, then try exporting. Worth a shot anyway.
  • ok let me see what I can do thanks! :) Wish me luck
  • So I tried it... it didn't seem to do much for getting it to work. Whats weird is that it works fine with Opera... Should I just copy the Opera saved file & past the Chrome styles in the copied file or no?
  • Liz Blue said:

    Should I just copy the Opera saved file & past the Chrome styles in the copied file or no?

    No, you can't just paste styles into a backup.

    Backups should all be compatible though, so if Opera's DB of installed styles is the same as Chrome, you're all set. If not, besides figuring out how to export a backup, move to a different userstyles manager with a functional backup.
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