Bug report: RGBA disabled/not developed on Color Chooser

edited August 2018 in userstyles.org Firefox
Color chooser works well, but alpha/transparency value on it, won't.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select style of preference and click on Customize Settings button.
  2. Select a color variable, it will open up Color Chooser.
  3. On Color Chooser, try to move the transparency slider and/or typing custom value on Alpha input.
  4. Install the style.

Actual results:

  1. When trying to move transparency slider you can't, it seems disabled.
  2. If you enter a value on the Alpha input below, when focusing out automatically returns to default 100 value.

Expected Results:

  1. Color Chooser sets up correctly the desired value through transparency slider and/or typing a custom value on Alpha input.
I wonder fixing or enabling this won't take much time and will be of valuable utility for many of us, users and editors.

This has been discused before but I hope some Admin could fix the problem, or remove the transparency/alpha value if this feature can't be implemented. Thank you!
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