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Can't import my Backup to Stylish

edited August 2018 in Stylish Chrome
Hello, i'm going to be very brief because my english is not the best
I did the Stylish backup and unnistaled the extension and then styled Stylus to import, but the Stylus does not recognize the file extension of Stylish. What can i do?


  • I figured it out, folks!

    ''The backup file you get from Stylish has no filname-extension, so when using Stylus' import function (in the styles manager), make sure to select All files (*.*) instead of *.json in the dropdown-menu. Otherwise the desired file won't appear for choice.''
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    You can also use "drag-and-drop." See steps 5-6:
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    I recently test it on an other profile and it fail:
    Manual Migration: You can use this extractor (large file load): User Style Extractor

    I use waterfox 56.5.7 and Stylish 2.1.1
    I tested many options(with UI/ Without UI, drag and drop)
    It seems the only possibility is to copy usertyles manually ?
  • No news ??

  • I've never messed around with exporting from 2.1.1. I thought Jefferson's extractor was supposed to work, but if it doesn't, you can try your luck with the second method described here.
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    I think i have tested all the possible tool...
    but i can't have the backup json or if i have one, it can't be imported.
    Last test:
    Install the stylish-export.xpi but nothing append:
    No .json on my desktop

    Retest with an old json from a previous test:
    import work but not all styles are present.

  • I don't know if it is the problem but i have an userstyle which can't be removed.
    It is empty.
    I can't:

    • edit it
    • remove it

    i try by CCleaner to clean the database, no success.

    I try to make an usertyles with the exact same name to overwrite:
    now i have 2 entry with the same name ...
    i can edit the last one, but the invalid stay invalid.

    I search if it possible to view/edit the stylish.sqlite, but i don't find any useful infos.

    That's a pain:
    a solution to copy all selected userstyles without this dam styles ?

  • You're like a year and a half late to the party. These were kinda niche tools to begin with, so I doubt anybody's really looking to maintain them. That said, they seem to work for most people.
    decembre said:

    I don't know if it is the problem but i have an userstyle which can't be removed.

    Sounds like your DB is kinda borked. Good possibility that's the problem. Also possible that WaterFox updates have made it incompatible somehow. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    decembre said:

    I search if it possible to view/edit the stylish.sqlite, but i don't find any useful infos.

    I've done it before, years ago. It wasn't that hard then, and I imagine the editor's gotten better. It's the first google result.
  • Thanks for the help!
    I test the DB Browser for SQLite....

  • I tested and seems working:
    I can remove these invalid entries!
    It's relatively simple.

    I made a test on a backup, so i can see if there are no more problem.

    Re Thank !

  • edited March 13 [?]
    Were you able to get the extractor working and transfer your DB after repairing it?
  • For now i have not tested the extractor:
    When try it i report my test here.
    For infos about how to solve a stylish.sqlite corrupted by invalid userstyle with help of DB Browser for SQLite:
    I only open the stylish.sqlite in my profile .
    after search a way to view what is inside.
    select the items corrupted and delete them and after save the data base (sqlite).
    As i said, relatively simple

  • edited March 18 [?]
    Quickly retested with my working stylish.sqlite and User Style Extractor (stylish.sqlite):
    It seems not working ....
    I know some time ago i had seen working but now....

    RE test on firefox quantum and a fresh stylish.sqlite:
    The tool work!

    So my previous stylish.sqlite as errors inside that i have not seen :-)
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