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How to stop Userstyles from gathering and selling my data?

Is there any way? Its a shame if I have to stop using userstyles since it is very handy, and I dont know any other alternatives with the same styles uploaded (Suggestions would be appreciated)
Also how much damage does what UserStyles do actually cause other than just being a really shitty thing to do.


  • doesn't collect data in the same way Stylish did or still does, since some users are likely still using it. A better add-on, that respects your privacy and is actively maintained, is Stylus and I highly suggest you to use it, especially if you work on your own userstyles. With it, you can install userstyles in a few ways:

    • Directly from USo, the same way as you did with Stylish;
    • From OpenUserCSS, which is an open source implementation of USo but it doesn't have the user-base USo does;
    • From GitHub, GitLab, or any other place from which you can get .user.css files. There is a collection of userstyles, which should get updated as more userstyles make it over to GitHub or elsewhere.
    Also how much damage does what UserStyles do actually cause other than just being a really shitty thing to do.

    That's quite hard question to answer since we can only speculate about it. You can search the web and read more about the company that acquired Stylish. Since the acquisition, all they've done include: New UI (which no one liked since it broke the functionality and not any real work has been done aside from patches that are supposed to keep the extension up and running), data collection (which was on by default, they never asked or notified the end-user about it; around year and a half in Chrome and around 6 months in Firefox), various USo related stuff (they broke search, screenshots, even some userstyles when they were moving their database, etc).

    At the end of the day, using USo to browse/install userstyles should be safe as long as you don't use their add-on. They seem to be gone from forums (yet again) and I was kind of expecting them to at least put out some information about what's going on. At this point I'm not expecting any, since they proved multiple times that they simply don't care.

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