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Set focus to text field (Youtube)

edited July 2018 in Style Development Firefox
I already asked the same here and got a solution response from member Anagrammar.
I was trying to set focus to a text field at FacebookDownload page.
Solution was to use Greasemonkey and user script like this:

Now, I'm trying to do the same at Youtube page.
I tried to put
but none worked.

Any ideas?


  • This can't be done with CSS, so probably the forums at GreasyFork or OpenUserJS would be a better place to hash it out.


    Or maybe someone here can figure out how the YouTube box works in the Polymer design...
  • There is no .form-control so it won't work. Two ways to do it, that I can think of:

    • Will affect any input element that has #search id.

    • Should affect only the search element on the navbar.

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