Saving Stylish script codes

Is it possible to: 1. Go to the web site;
2. Find a Style that I desire;
3. Save that Style to my computer without installing into Firefox; and
4. Install that Style (or any other Style that I have saved) into Firefox later using the locally saved version(s) ? In other words, is it possible to archive uninstalled Styles on my computer without necessarily installing them, and decide whether to install one or more of them later? (I am able to do this for FF extensions, of course.) I realize that I could always copy and paste the code into a text editor and save that file, but I am wondering if it possible to save the code by just clicking a link or command right on the site without having to copy and paste.

Please help.

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    For saving, you can append .css to a style url like so:

    Right click the code and save.

    Won't work correctly with styles that have custom settings however.

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