The reason for the sudden block of Stylish on Firefox (why I'm uninstalling)

So, when Stylish was blocked, I was upset but didn't mind too much.
Today, I decided to investigate it and went to my Add-ons Manager. Of course, I saw the extensions I've installed, and Stylish which is disabled (thanks to Mozilla). I decided quickly to click on "More Information" and it led me to a small page which says simply: "Why was it blocked? This add-on violates data practices outlined in the review policy."
I wanted more info, so I clicked on "View block request" and it led me to this page:
This page explains everything. If you have more questions you can post on it to ask, and it will be answered.

I'm going to be uninstalling Stylish from both Firefox and Google Chrome, so this may be the last time I post on here. Thanks for making so many great styles that I could use, they were all beautiful but I'm going to use a different extension which does the exact same thing without the spyware. Goodbye.

PS: I've actually had to uninstall Stylish before when I was on Google Chrome before this instance because it was screwing with my tabs. Whenever I disabled a style and enabled a new one it would keep stuff from the old style and throw it in with the new. I wanted to fix it but the only way was to remove the extension altogether. That's fixed now, but the spyware won't.


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