Abusive Comments/Ratings

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renp said on Nov 16 2007
8===D [0 stars]

If you you ever get around to something like comment moderation, I'd gladly help moderate.


  • penpenpen said on Nov 16 2007
    FUCKING FAKE ACCOUNT !!!!! [0 stars]

    See what I mean? >.>
  • All blown away except 1071.
  • wtfwtf
    edited November 2007
    It is quite unfair to not delete these "guys" aswell:

    - winrar
    - counterattack
    - Vin King
    - penpen
    - coxie

    "They" started this!!! " " Because I don´t think that these are real accounts. This accounts (maybe "whatrevolution" himself ) are just here to push the "painted black"-line of "whatrevolution" - and just these. Go and have a look if you don´t believe me! I suggest you, to browse all styles by "whatrevolution" and check "their" regging-date aswell.
    Don´t be offended "whatrevolution".

    Or is my post and me going to be deleted aswell ( I just regged here to lighten some things up )?
  • I've blown away those accounts as well. All the posts were on one certain day, on the same few styles, and didn't match up with the number of installs the style had.

    I don't currently have any evidence that whatrevolution was involved in that.
  • That was fast. I don´t wanna harm anyone, just wanted some fairness between the guys behind this amazing styles here. I think it would be better if there was an e-mail-check through registration.
  • If you see a problem, just post it on the forum and I'll do something. It just makes more work for me if you try to counteract the problem.

    I should probably have a "Report this comment" feature.
  • Thanks, Jason.

    I'll clarify, for wtf. The only real person Jason deleted comments from was penpen, but he was voting at my request to counter-balance the troll, so I have no problem with his also being thrown away. "penpenpen" was the troll being a smartass. So, since penpen is actually my friend, and actually uses the styles he typed a real comment for, he may come back (I don't know that he will, but he might).

    The troll and penpen are both people I've known for a long time. It's all disappointing. *shrug*
  • Side note: of course, user "wtf" was only created to post on this.

    I see what you did there. :)
  • I've had a bunch of negative ratings as comments that are actually bug reports and should have gone in forums. Should I be reporting those?
  • edited April 2008
    Hm, yeah. I get that a lot, too. I think it's an emotive thing, where when you offer a rating+comment opportunity, shielded by an anonymous alias identity, some people will post whatever they want to. I'm talking about the obviously dumb ratings that never get raised when the bug is fixed, or never existed.

    Personally, I do tie bad ratings with bug reports, but usually I remember to go back and fix the rating if the bug is fixed before I forget.

    This is an example of a bug report who's rating will not get updated.

    This is another example, but it's also an example of how answering comments via style description can explain the situation to future users. It's not as good as direct reply, as in typical comment & forum systems, but it works.

    With the existing rating+comment system in place, I doubt adding a bug report option would help much. People will prefer the option of negatively affecting the total rating score. Emotive, like I said. :(
  • The ratings work like any other rating system out there. People may give unfair ratings or not update them when the thing they're complaining about is fixed. I'm not going to do anything about those because then essentially I'd have to review the style myself to see if it's fair or not.

    One thing I may do in the future is drop the "comment" system and having all feedback as forum threads, with the option to give a rating in each thread. That way it'd be easier for people to see style authors' replies to a bad review.
  • How about allowing authors to flag a "complaint" as fixed, and the complainer has to click "no it isn't" when they log in or the rating disappears after _x_ days? Or at least a warning: "please post bugs to forums; only general reviews go here"?
  • My previous post described a system where everything would go to the forum. I think that's the way it's going to end up.
  • style 7252

    Drugoy said on May 17 2008

    How the hеll it is supposed to save memory/processor?

    (referring to my comment "very neat, efficient code to save memory/processor")
  • I just asked a question, but there is such a stupid system now, that I have to rate your style, if I write a comment. But I didn't even applied your style, I just looked through code wondering how the hell some person saves memory/processor.
    I can rate higher, if you want, I don't really care of rating at all...
    btw, please answer that question, I still don't get how d'u save memory/processor.
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