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move a firefox toolbar?

Is it possible to move a toolbar to the bottom of the screen in firefox?


  • there's an add-on called Status Buttons - it creates two areas (flexible width) on both sides of the status bar which you can drag buttons/toolbars onto. Unfortunately it doesn't look nice with every theme.
  • edited January 2008
    I have All In One Sidebar installed, which had an empty XUL toolbox between the FindBar and StatusBar, so, In UserChrome.js , I did this:
    (function() { MoveThisToolbar = document.getElementById("PersonalToolbar"); TargetToolBox = document.getElementById("aiostbx-bottom-toolbox"); TargetToolBox.appendChild(MoveThisToolbar); })();

    Interesting (BROKEN) result, though. Id "toolbar-menubar" can move, but doing it causes FF to freak out and duplicate the items. I suppose that the toolbox itself must be moved.

    I'll try to remember to come back to this thread, with a better sollution.
  • That's just buggy, period.

    (function() { MainWindow = document.getElementById("main-window"); NavigatorToolbox = document.getElementById("navigator-toolbox"); BeforeTarget = document.getElementById("status-bar"); MainWindow.insertBefore(NavigatorToolbox,BeforeTarget); })();

    Any ideas?
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