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Can't install styles from Stylus in Chrome

Navigating to a style with the Stylus extension in Firefox works (I get an "Install Style" button). Sadly, in Chrome I only get the "Install with Stylish" button.

Chrome is up-to-date: 67.0.3396.99


  • edited July 2018 Yandex Browser
    Stylus was updated today so it should work by now.
    Otherwise click "UPDATE" in chrome://extensions page.
  • me too icant stall extension on chrome and opera what happend
  • Yandex Browser
    Myk, this question was about Stylus, but your problem seems to be about Stylish, which was pulled from the extensions gallery due to its privacy issues, see
  • edited July 2018 Firefox

    Refresh page when addres have parametrh ?utm_campaign=stylish_stylepage?

  • Stylish has been blocked by Google and Mozilla because it contains spyware that submits _every_ userinteraction back home. Worst kind of spyware there is...
  • ...obviously Stylish being aquired by a data-mining company doesn't have anything to do with that fact....
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