How do you use the dropdown style settings?

I'm trying to make something that will block some really bright images destroying a dark theme on a website optionally.. how do you do this?

Thanks for any help :)


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    This option generate select list with your values:

    • In Label first level put your name select list readable for people,
      • in lower levle labels use names show in drop-down list
    • in Install Key first level put our name form square brackets /*[[NameInstallKey]]*/,
      • in lower level Install key I use names form square brackets this key and adds a term from one word built (examples: Hidden, Show, Yes, No) - I do not know why this additional field is used and I do not have a message about a missing Install Key.
    • in Code put your CSS code matching the "Install Key" location.
    • "Default" checkbox chooses the options that will be used for the style without modifying it.

    I do not use the drop-down list very much, so my help been will badly / I will not explain it better.

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    You are thinking about "Customize Settings"?

    Maybe use CSS comments:

    /* whole code optional for users /*[[Optional1]]*/
    Selector {
       property: value;
    /* end of optional code */


    and for Styles Settings for "install key" Optional1 use:

    • empty poll "code" (deactivate optional modification)
    • or */ in poll "code" (activate optional modification).

    Specialists will definitely suggest something better to turn off a large amount of code.

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