so many web devs (likely 95-99%) dont know about stylish or stylus

there's an insanely large proportion of ppl that know web code (css, js etc) that do not know about stylish / stylus -- with the best of our undersanding & knowledge, why is this the case??

are these devs focused on super technical stuff and arent users of the web or something?? to deveop the web in a good way, developers have to be extensive users as well

not knowing about stylish or stylus is likely accurate across many sites that have web dev type ppl

i think discord / reddit is some of the worst sites / places to ask about web stuff btw

did not try/test askign on web dev related slacks


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    Most people simply accept the reality (of web sites) so they obviously aren't dissatisfied enough to change or improve it. Also, web developers are normally more interested in making a site, not restyling someone else's.
  • this is about web devs, not most ppl, tho that's accurate for most ppl as well as most web devs

    so web devs dont know something basic about using the web, like stylish/stylush, that's not good, makes me sad :/
  • Most people do not have the patience to mess with other peoples auto-generated code delivered with the websites.

    Most of the time it's all written by some content management system, using libraries and preprocessing, which makes it harder to read / understand / modify afterwards.
  • doesnt the dev make those code, if so how could they be 'auto-generated code'?

    'content management system, using libraries and preprocessing' -

    im guesing those dev need to understand css etc. which was said to be the case no?

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    > Most people do not have ...
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