How do you change back to themes you already have?

edited June 2018 in Stylish Chrome
I just downloaded my first theme to a game then i downloaded another one and started to see that some features of the old one is still there like the mouse cursor and settings buttons and so i thought it was a bug and changed to two more and i started to be hard using the game with all those features that are still there as themes so i need help to remove some and then switch back to one i had before


  • You can apply several styles at the same time.
    If they both restyle the same object, the style applied last will overwrite the previous one.
    Just delete the style you don't want anymore via manage menu (click the three dots in the popup)
  • where is the manage menu?
  • - Click the Stylus icon in the toolbar on top right
    - Click on the three dots
    - Click Manage All Styles
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