Fixing the database access error with Firefox Quantum 60+

This looks like a wide-spread problem for users of the latest Firefox. I have done a quick research on the topics already open to no avail. Sorry if I missed something there.

So, it simply goes like so: I press the Stylish button on top of my address bar and the dialog message I get is as in the screenshot. I tried tweaking the stylish.sqlite database file but even there, no results.

My preferences, in the Privacy & Security > History section, are not blocking history recording so the issue can't be even there. Did someone manage to solve this? I demand help, along many others! Cheers


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    Hey, as a workaround to the only Wikipedia, people can checkout the Wikiwand extension to modifying the appearance of Wikipedia pages. You benefit in many ways, including a dark theme

  • Yeah, absolutely switch over to Stylus.

    Stylish has some weird bugs and the active development is limited to emergency fixes.
    Though we received a sign of life from the devs in the last weeks unlike the past year. So you can hope and wait or simply switch to Stylus, it works.
  • Switched over Stylus. It promises to work wonderfully, probably even better as Stylish did before. Thanks for the recommendations!

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