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Stylish with chrome - Not working. Help? D:

So, I installed stylish a few days ago and everything was perfect and i installed styles for most of the sites I browse regularly, and there were no issues. But after a few hours when I was browsing through styles i realized i didn't have an install option anymore? and so i visited some of the pages styles were installed on and none of them were working anymore. I've opened stylish options and there are no styles there anymore, and I can't download any. I also can't manually put them in- no matter how many times I press save it never actually shows up when I go back to manage. Javascript as well as stylish are enabled.


  • q1kq1k
    edited June 2018 Chrome

    Try Stylus
    If the problem is still there, then it might be a something with the browser profile. Try creating a new one.

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