How can I delete old style reviews?

Hi yesterday I got many negative ratings on my style because it got broken after Instagram got updated and I had to rewrite it. Now it's fixed but the negative comments and rating is still there and I don't want people not to download my style just for the rating.

So is there any way to delete them without flagging them because they actually did nothing wrong but now the comment could be deleted.


  • No possible, moderators reject flags.

    "bad" Workaround: Archive old style and create new without bad (and any other) opinions.

  • It has always been like that; unfortunately there's nothing you can do besides creating a new style and archive the old one with a message linking to the new one.
  • Ok thanks for answering my question.
  • p.s.: If I archive a style I like to notify people visibly by adding something like

    html::before {
    content:"This style is not maintained anymore.\aPlease check [url] for updates / new version.";
    The \a allows you to insert a newline.

    If they want to continue the buggy old version, they can just delete that html::before rule locally as there won't be further updates anyway.
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