I was looking for a script to make G+ easier to see and search. G+ page has limited search and sort. So I searched Stylish but same issue, sorting seems limited to one criteria at a time.... there is a 'new' sort and a 'google' search, but no way to combine them. Is there some way to sort by most recent update on top? ... Maybe google with site:


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    Blame the new developers. Since they took over after Jason left, the website as well as the extension have been going downhill.
    When they changed the design (and used iframes all over.. blah), they removed the advanced search, and the reason given was "because not many people were using it, we removed it".
    Here's link to the post:

    Advanced search was requested many times to be readded, also another idea was to put the new design on a beta domain and serve the old (fully functional) design by default until the new one has at least all the features the old one had.
    But it's like talking to a wall, every post made about it since then was just ignored.
  • Frustrating everywhere search is lame. Android playstore, Cortana, chrome settings search. I wonder if it's being accepted due to lower IQ or pushed out due to lower IQ of devs?
  • Another view is that there are too many variations, 86/64/ios/android pc/tablet/desktop/refrigerator so devs are overwhelmed with issues.

    But without advanced search, I wont use it. It is lame to dig through 20 pages of results just to find few here and there that might be new enough to bother with.

    Something is very wrong when all these companies can't seem to present information from a database in a semi intelligent way.
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