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Hi, I've been using this style for a few months now and today it stopped working, looks like the strings the style overrides were changed and need to be updated. Can anyone lend a hand in finding which is which, I tried going through them but it just looks like a big mess to me


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    uhm, I took a quick look at it and with these cryptic classnames it may be better to start again from scratch. You don't know if only the names changed or the html structure as well.

    It should make sense to contact the original author via feedback button.
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    @-moz-document domain("instagram.com") {
    ._lz6s, .drKGC > * > *, .cGcGK > div > div > article {background: rgba(36, 36, 36, .71) !important;}
    .pbgfb.Di7vw {background: rgb(51, 51, 51) !important;}
    .SCxLW.GIqfH,.NXc7H.jLuN9, .M9sTE.L_LMM.JyscU {background: rgba(36, 36, 36, .87) !important;}
    ._lz6s {border-radius: 0px 0px 50px 50px !important;}
    ._lz6s * {color: white !important;}
    .aU2HW > *, ._47KiJ, .ltpMr.Slqrh, .Hg3oE.Szr5J, .BY3EC.bqE32 {filter: invert(100%) !important;}
    .LWmhU._0aCwM *, .cGcGK > div > div > article *, .SKguc > a, .jQgLo, .ho19H, .ajr6B *, .M9sTE.L_LMM.JyscU *, .vtbgv *, .fx7hk *
    {color: #ccc !important;}
    .YlNGR , ._-1_m6, .ajr6B * {background: rgb(64, 64, 64) !important;}
    .PdwC2._6oveC {min-width: 74% !important;}
    This seems to do the job. Try it(Should i publish it and make it customizable?).
    I know, it looks ugly.
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