A quick question about regexp

I have to apply my CSS code on all domain

i dont want to apply anything after URL "/forum/whatever.com". I see how to use regexp here (https://github.com/stylish-userstyles/stylish/wiki/Applying-styles-to-specific-sites) but that did not solve my probleme.

someone can help me?


  • You can just click "Add another section" on the same script, at the bottom and choose between URL/Starting with/Domain/And Regex(or regexp).
    This seems like a good start in any case: regexone.com
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    but that did not solve my probleme.

    Of course it does.

    @-moz-document regexp('http://www\\.example\\.com/(?!/forum/whatever\\.com).*') {
               Your code here.

    If this doesn't, please describe your problem better. Give a link to the page and a screenshot of what you did.

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    What stonecrusher said except remove the /* and */ :) just in case.

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