Editing the websites HTML file?

So, in theory I can edit the CSS of the websites files no problem however I encountered some images recently that don't have an ID or class and I would like to edit the html file specifically to add my own entries/elements.

IS THIS POSSIBLE! Thank you in advance


  • Can you inspect the elements and take a screenshot or copy the elements outer HTML.

    HTML wise you cant do jack. CSS yes. But like I said show us the inspection.
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    You can use tools for the css path like firefox has, in Chrome.
    One example is Copy Css Selector
    And the tutorial(just in case) is here(YouTube)
    Or, else,
    Parent > Parent > img {css}

    By the way, you can't add element nodes using css, only add pure text or images(changing existing nodes attributes) if you want to add something in general.
    Gotta use JS for that(Editing HTML) and Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey is the tool.
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    It is not possible to change the HTML with Stylish.
    However, in almost all cases you can use alternative selectors reliably like "use the third img that is child of #gallery".
    See here for possible selectors / relations or give us the present html structure so that we can help you.

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