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Changing your Avatar.
The only way to currently change a forum avatar is through The email address used for your account must be one of the email addresses that is registered to your Gravatar account.


The Dislike and Like button are merged in the views counter. Help!


  • This is the main forum. You need to post a style review on the homepage of whatever style you're talking about.
  • Well, I've only been here for 2 days so I didn't know that.
  • Zen56 said:

    Well, I've only been here for 2 days so I didn't know that.

    Send a screen shot so i can see more information
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    @Zen56 Please post a link to the style in question if you need help from the forum users. As anagrammar already said, you need to contact the author of the style you are having problems with. This is done through the style page (where you downloaded the style), using the "Send Feedback" button.
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  • Thanks!
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    Good luck! Hope your issue gets resolved.

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    Estoy de acuerdo con calicó =D>
  • Julieta,
    ¿Puedes dejar de hablarme? Me has estado siguiendo desde que vine aquí.
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