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A quick question about facebook

how can I remove the facebook skin??? please help me.. I can't read clearly my chats.


  • Same question. Wanted to test out the skin, but it's too much, so - umm a revert or delete button would help.
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    Or, you could just disable it until the appropriate update is uploaded.
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  • Hey Animatorium, any idea how to find the trash / revert or delete on Unicorn for FB?
    I've searched and haven't yet.
    Would love to revert to NO Unicorn- appreciate any help..
  • @""Paul Stillman"
    Oh, there's no trash folder for Stylish, only backup files(If you choose that option - before deleting).
    You can just reinstall the style you deleted in a matter of seconds by revisiting the page or choose a different fb style.

    I'm quite happy with this:
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    Styles can be deleted from Stylish in two ways.

    1. Through the Stylish icon pop-up. Click the trash can icon under the style shown in the dropdown.



    2. Via the manager. Access through the icon pop-up and bookmark it.



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