Saving Stylist extension's visited site data - Where is it stored?

I need to clear my Chrome cache but I do not want to lose all the data that the Stylist extension uses to mark links as visited. Where is this data stored and how do I avoid losing it if I clear Chrome's cache, Chrome's history or install a new version of Chrome or install Chrome from scratch??? - Thanks!


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    Visited links, or just history, is logged by the browser.
    It's just that css injected by stylish, as per protocol can style :visited urls.
    Cache doesn't contain the history.

    In any case:
    You can just backup the history using an extension and after reinstalling, restore it.
    For example:
    (Also, Stylish, has a backup button for the styles and cache in Chrome can be cleared by the "Clear browsing data" menu while choosing which needs to be cleared(In this ~case~, Cached Images and files - only)).
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