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Selector in selector

edited May 2018 in Style Development Chrome

Site have HTML code:

<div class="like_btns">
      <div class="like_btn like _like" onclick="Likes.toggle(this, event, 'wall235132341_1195', 'f0d62bc5970781761e');" onmouseover="Likes.showLikes(this, 'wall235132341_1195', {})" data-count="5" title="Нравится">
  <div class="like_button_icon"></div>
  <div class="like_button_label"></div>
  <div class="like_button_count">5</div>
  <span class="blind_label">Нравится</span>
</div><div class="like_btn comment _comment _reply_wrap" onclick="return Wall.showEditReply('235132341_1195', event)" data-count="2" title="Комментарий">
  <div class="like_button_icon"></div>
  <div class="like_button_label"></div>
  <div class="like_button_count">2</div>
  <span class="blind_label">Комментарий</span>
</div><div class="like_btn share _share empty" onclick="Likes.share('wall235132341_1195', {});" onmouseover="Likes.showShare(this, 'wall235132341_1195');" data-count="0" title="Поделиться">
  <div class="like_button_icon"></div>
  <div class="like_button_label"></div>
  <div class="like_button_count"></div>
  <span class="blind_label">Поделиться</span>

I want to change ONLY "like_button_count" under "like_btn comment _comment _reply_wrap", not changing "like_button_count" under another headlines (idk how it's really names). How can I do it? What code should be in my style to change the color of only "like_button_count" under "like_btn comment _comment _reply_wrap"?


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