Stylish not working?

Stylish suddenly stopped working for me, all of my downloaded styles disappeared and I cannot download download them again, the "install style" button doesn't work. Can someone help me?


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    If you start from scratch again anyway, you can try Stylus Addon instead (Download buttons on top right). More features, less bugs, active development, fast and helpful support.

    Otherwise you should try to investigate what has changed. Update to Antivirus, ran a systemcleaner, installed JavaScript blocker etc.

  • Unfortunately, the "Stylish Team" does not respond to it's user base issues publicly via this forum. I think most of the community members who respond to issues on this forum are now using Stylus, for the reasons Stonecrusher has listed above.

    You can try getting a support response from the Stylish Team via

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    @"Bruno Rodrigues (RodriBott)"
    Be sure to use the latest version of a browser, which extensions are active and if you're on private or no-tracking mode.
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