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Changing the white background for 2 websites

Hi everybody,
There are 2 sports websites that I read daily : and
They both have white backgrounds that go hard on my eyes, especially on my huge 32" 1440p monitor.
I'd just like a script that basically replaces everything white with some grey.
Would that be easy to achieve ?
Thanks in advance !
PS : I have tried to adapt this stonecrusher's script ( ), but I can't make it work for these two websites.


  • @-moz-document domain("") {
    .main-header .main-top-header-container {
        background-color:#8f8f8f !important;
    @-moz-document domain("") {
    .container.content {
        background-color:#8f8f8f !important;
  • @stonecrusher , are you an angel ? Seriously ? @-) =D>
  • Oh, I do fly (got a licence, yay) but still have problems walking on water ;-)
  • LOL. Really, thanks :) If I may add something, only on the first website, when I click on one of the links (e.g. today's headline : ), the text background remains white...
  • edited April 2018 Firefox

    Ah I see, different site structure.
    Use this instead:

    @-moz-document domain("") {
    .main-header .main-top-header-container,
    .baloncesto-section .container,
    .futbol-section .container,
    .motor-section .container,
    .default-section .container,
    .opinion-section .container,
    .multimedia-section .container,
    .opinion-header-section .container,
    .radio-marca-header-section .container,
    .esports-section .container,
    .enviados-especiales-section .container,
    .tiramillas-section .container,
    .giro-section .container,
    .tour-section .container,
    .futbol-internacional-section .container,
    .ciclismo-section .container {
        background-color: #8f8f8f !important;
  • ... and it works. Of course. Holy cow, man. Right now I wish the whole Internet was like you. Just...
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