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I'm using "TV Guide - Minimalist" (outstanding!) and hope someone has info on a general, unrelated problem I'm having with (Note: my provider is DirecTV with locals).

A few months ago behaved without flaw; now, it's a real pain. It won't load with any "persistent" info; every time I exit ffox, restart ffox, and then load I have to start over from the beginning (area code, provider, favorite channels) and often channel 231 won't show up in the (favorites) guide page. I have checked all the usual suspects: ffox allows all cookies until they expire and does not clear them on exit. I've double-checked all settings in my FW, AV, and AS. I've also exited all these "shields" and it has no effect on these problems.

An example: I load and need to edit location; I go to ffox view cookies and there's my zip code right where it should be, ie, in a persistent cookie. All other necessary cookies appear to be present and properly set yet none of them work. It seems that ffox and tvguide just aren't getting together on friendly terms; I can't determine why. Is anyone else having such a problem? customer service has been very responsive but unable to offer a solution. Presently, DTv channels are not (numerically) sorted properly; this is a known bug (apparently on the part of DirecTV).

Any info much appreciated.
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