Advice Needed For Stylish


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Someone told me that I can use Stylish to block some members posts (in my Firefox browser) on a discussion forum, without having any other effects.

Can someone tell me how to do this?


Ps. No experience with Stylish


  • I suggest installing Stylus on FF57+, older version of FF install v2.1.1 of Stylish.
    For Chrome and Opera also look for Stylus.

    About your problem, what is the forum you want to do this at?
    Do you want the post to be visible on hover for example?

  • Depends on the site structure if it works. However we need to know the site to be able to look into some code.
  • Thanks for responding

    FF is greater than 57

    The forums are at:
  • It works.

    This example will hide all replies by user "Th3Z0neI" and two fantasy ones:

    @-moz-document domain("") {
    article[data-user-id="54321"] {
        display:none !important;

    To find out the user ID, inspect an answer by them using browser internal methods by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C and click below his avatar. Then you should see like 2 lines above the data-user-id.

  • Thank you,

    I will give it a go.

    Out of interest, what language is this?
  • This is pure CSS.

  • I am seeing this message when I visit the website

    'You still don't have themes installed for this site. Please Go to the to find and install themes.'

    What do I need to do?
  • First of all I would recommend using Stylus instead of Stylish. Has regular updates, active community, less bugs.

    Click on Stylus logo, manage, create new style, paste the code I posted above and confirm with "overwrite". Save and it's done.

    In Stylish this is kind of hidden, you need to click the three dots in the popup to open the Stylish menu

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