Status 400, for no reason now people aren't able to download my style

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Whenever I try downloading my style, a pop-up appears saying "Sorry, an error occurred loading the code - status 400." Sometimes when I click it, a 2nd pop-up appears saying "error 404". Others seem to be having this issue too. Is there anything I could do to fix this?


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    There is no default selection on your custom settings, so the style will only download if the user chooses one of the settings.

    You can try this code:

    /*friends icon*/
      .guilds-wrapper .guilds .friends-icon
        background-image: url("/*[[icon]]*/") !important;
        background-repeat: no-repeat;
        background-size:contain !important;
        height: 25px !important

    And this for the settings:

  • It works now, thanks.
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