Search is utterly broken

It's been a couple of months, but search remains utterly broken.

Searching for github gives me 1 correct styles and 14 irrelevant styles (including one of my own!)

I think the popularity weighting factor needs to be massively tuned down in these search results. Or revert back to the old search. The old search was near perfect. You could actually find styles you wanted while still leaving some room for discovery.


  • Not a fix but a workaround...

    In this post, I wrote about ways to programmatically search

    "Accurate searching" added to the Stylus extension's find more styles for this site option. So searching for styles while on will only show results for github (not a bajillion other unrelated sites).

    GIF of an early prototype showing how the feature works.


    This allows accurate searching without ever needing to visit the atrocity that has become.

  • I have to vent. I've visited USO regularly since it 2006 and I give up.

    This site is hopeless. Try to find a dark style for Google (insert any Google service here). Oh joy. 5 pages of the Google landing page with different backgrounds followed by 5+ pages of outdated styles going back to 2007. It is RARE that I find a style that doesn't need significant tweaking to work.

    At this point it makes more sense for me to just roll my own since search is so terrible and there's been a massive spike in abandoned styles. I always had a couple styles that I needed to tweak, but for the first time ever, more than half of my 30+ enabled styles are entirely my own making (and not because I didn't try to find alternatives here).

    Forget the more interesting and complicated styles of 3-5 years ago that actually changed layouts, especially if they made elements more dense. Now we need 15 feet of white space around every button because apparently people started smashing their face on a touchscreen instead of clicking a mouse button. Want a dark theme? Here's a poor rip off of Material Dark that only half works. And I pity the person that needs a style for a popular site. You just need to look at the first page of results to see that it's better to simply give up, but in case you don't, page 2 will make you lose whatever shred of faith you had.

    And for those that want to argue, it is a week after a significant Google update. Find me a dark style that works across 50% of the main Google sites (Gmail, search, contacts, drive, calendar, etc.). Before the USO redesign, updates would be out there in hours and there would be multiple options.

    The redesign added NOTHING but inefficiencies for the sake of... whitespace and scared off all the real talented stylers. It's actually kind of heartbreaking.
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    @"Derv Merkler" search in Stylus solution works, but it has a quirk I noticed, not a huge issue, sometimes it reports a number of pages for found styles that is incorrect like 7 pages when theres only 4 and you navigating to them goes nowhere and then the issue is gone.

    This site however, has a few bugs to say the least, and the old GitHub Repository is getting stale.
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