My Stylish Styles keep reverting to a previously saved version after clearing my cookies... help!

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I'm stumped.

Basically, I have 5 basic styles that I've locally maintained for years. I made another round of updates recently, everything was loading nicely, so I 'backed everything installed' up from within the Chrome extension.

Later that week, I cleared my cookies, app caches, etc... rebooted. Noticed that when I reopened chrome, my styles had all reverted to their previous state... very odd. I'm having to restore my updated backup of my styles each time I clear my cookies/app cache... and it's getting quite annoying.

Are user styles saved on the disk as stylesheets, in a location that I can manually browse to, to verify nothing is corrupt? If so- where on Windows?

Really appreciate the help.
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