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Whats this Element in Google?

I can't find this element in google which is circled in red in this screen shot. The search for this in google is "homex". All I got in inspector for it was "#text" which isn't the specific name of the element. Hope you guys can help. Thanks.
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    Looks like you were looking for the element to have selector. But it doesn't and it's not a big problem because the element's parent is span with a class of kno-fv, you can use that selector and select child span and use pseudo element last-child to specify the target to that last element. Make sure to use !important to overide the orginal rule.

    span.kno-fv > span:last-child { color: purple !important; font-size: 2em !important; }

    Sorry, I am not the best at explaining the code but I found what you were looking for.

    Edit: Maybe take a look at this website to understand Css Selector References
    w3schools - CSS Selector Reference
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