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Attribute selectors and case *insensitivity*.

I have CSS which includes the "i" modifier (for case insensitivity) which works fine (and is valid syntax)... BUT... I cannot publish it in a style, because sees it as an error... as in the following snippet:

.contentTag[title="Filter #steel-blue" i] {

Is there any other way to write case insensitivity into the CSS?... or maybe allow this type of modifier to be published?



  • Again... any way to allow permissions for this type of modifier to be published? Anyone?
  • Since the developers here ignore almost all bug reports, the only "solution" I can think of is to abuse style settings: add a text setting with a default value of i, give it a label that tells the users not to alter it, and use the special comment in your CSS like .selector[attr*="foo" /*[[case-hack]]*/]

  • Much appreciated! Thank you :-)
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