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wrong number of arguments (given 1, expected 3..5)

i'm getting this error message when trying to save my code, but i have absolutely no clue what it means. Any help?


  • Show us your code to get help. And maybe a sceenshot of style settings in editor.

    Not sure what you mean by style settings though..
  • Change the code to make it look like this:
    @-moz-document domain("") {
    :root {
    --openSUSE-secondary-green: rgb(109, 167, 65);
    --titlebar-grey: rgb(58, 58, 58);
    a {
    color: var(--openSUSE-secondary-green) !important;
    .messages {
    background-color: var(--titlebar-grey) !important;
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    Pabli has the correct advice.

    Not sure what you mean by style settings though...

    Oh then you don't have settings in your style and can ignore my request.

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