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Looking for someone to customize Online Poker Software...


I'm looking for someone to help me out by customizing Betting Buttons on an Online Poker Site, SportsBetting to be specific. I know someone who has done it for another site but they can not do it for the one I need it for. The only change I'm looking for is to change the Betting Buttons from Blue to Red. Please, let me know if anyone would be able to do this for me. Thanks a million!

Down below... the Raise.. Check.. and Raise to... are the buttons I'm talking about.
640 x 480 - 33K


  • It may be possible if it's not a flash app. But without any link, source code and login I can't inspect. For `` I receive a 403 error.
  • Oh alright, I appreciate it. I'm pretty sure it's a flash app. In order to play poker, you do have to sign into a separate place other then the web page. You have to download the poker software. Darn... So no good?
  • Sounds impossible to me, sorry.
  • Damn alright, no problem. Thanks anyways.
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