Custom css no longer allowed in additional notes?

I've used custom css in additional notes to make it a little bit cleaner and no so ugly.
Is there a reason for why we're not allow it do it now?


  • Too much was allowed before, now too little. Who knows which way the pendulum will swing next? Or if it will swing again...

    (By too much, I mean that position:fixed was allowed, among other potentially unsafe style properties.)
  • Ahhhh, I see. That makes sense.
  • Is there a list on what we can use for the notes?
  • Gibbu said:

    Is there a list on what we can use for the notes?

    This is the old documentation, which may or may not be current -- skip down to "Format of style descriptions":
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    This is unacceptable. \(◎o◎)/!
    This site banned almost all customizable HTML tag I used a lot.
    As a result, Most of my userstyles pages now appear broken, so I have to fix them one by one. Not to make them cooler, yet make them more boring instead.

    Customizable background image? Gone.
    Customizable div? Gone.
    Even the ordered List? I am like WTF? Is this the very basic thing?
    I don't see any rightous reason to remove these features without warning.

    What a terrible experience.
    I guess I have to live up with it from now on for the sake of "XSS Vulnerable".
    I am so upset.

  • @hollen9 Yeah, I used divs and custom css to make ul/li's not look so far spaced
  • They actully must add HTML, bcuz it's an important part in stylish
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    That would seem quite.. unsafe.
    At least for all the users, not scripters.

    There are different tools injecting js which would do what you want.
    (in which for example 849 people used this to install my css and add (i guess) HTML also)
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