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Search Result is irrelevant

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for example if I search github/ on, it gives "DarkSearch for Google" and "YouTube DeepDark Classic" as the first results, which is totally unrelated to github. Can we have search by domain function?


  • Yep, that's because they broke the search function 10 months ago with the "New Design" release of the website and refused to fix it. It's a feature now.
  • Thank you for letting me know!
    We should all keep pushing them. Search by domain is very basic and essential.
  • Either the authors are idiots, or they are just lazy idiots. I have long abandoned the use of this site, due to a broken search. And almost a year has passed, and it is not repaired and filters are not added. The authors are just idiots.
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    @Raphael Green Is there other sites like this?
  • edited March 2018 Chrome
    I think that in the future a good alternative it will be, but for now its in alpha and there's no many styles.

    Also exist page named, but 90% of styles are stolen from this site and many of them are outdated.

    With stylus extension you can install styles from .user.css or .user.styl URLs who can be hosted on any pages (for example on github: YouTube DeepDark )

    You can search styles from userstyles in google: github
    or intitle:github
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