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The Stylish Logo!

I know Stylish since almost five years but I did never use it because I did not know how to use it. Finally today itself I learnt how to use it through the link given at the bottom of the extension installed in my default browser Opera. I bookmarked the link instantly so that whenever I need it I can go to that link for help. As soon as I bookmarked it, I noticed that the Stylish Logo or Icon resembles to the Logo of a website, "Giveaway of the Day" which is already bookmarked in my Opera bookmarks bar. So I am here to suggest the developer of Stylish to ALTER the logo. In fact, the present Logo is not attractive, I feel. How about a "Swirl" consisting all seven colors of the Rainbow in the order they appear in the rainbow - be it (the logo) a square or a circle! How fantastic!! Would the developer or someone respond to my suggestion? This is my very first encounter with Stylish Forum.


  • For me logo is ok. It's not so similar to "Giveaway of the Day".

    There are more important things to do with the page for developers that they don't do. Also, they probably will never read this because they don't browse forum too.
  • Okay! Thanks. I withdraw.
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