Updating styles doesn't?

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Gif with update not working
For whatever reason I can't update any style that has an update available. I don't know what to do, help?


  • Are you sure it isn't updated yet?

    In my experience the "update style" won't go away to make you able to change some advanced options although it is already installed.
  • I have the same issue. Impossible to update styles since the last update.
    I have also tried to reinstall stylish after creating a backup of my styles, but it's impossible to restore them and impossible to create new styles anymore.
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    Then I recommend as always: Better use Stylus.
    Opensource, actively developed, fully functional, great support.

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    Ok... I just loose ALL my stylish scripts... and some "originale creation".
    F**** me, realy need to make more backups...
    Sad day
    Maybe old stylish scripts are safe in a folder ?
    Stylus doesnt find nothing (too)...

    EDIT : am (on mac) FF DevEdition 56.0b12...
    and downgrade to Stylish 2.0.7
    all is back in about:addons
    It s ok to upgrade Stylish for FF Quantum...
    But, should be greate (FF side) to precise that :
    the new version doesnt works under old FF versions..
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    search for stylish.sqlite and convert your styles with the user style extractor (instructions included). the given file can be imported to stylus

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