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What determines which styles appear in the Stylish extension window?

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I have kept my CSS style 'Dark Cobalt' [] updated for the domain for about two years and am top downloads (I think), yet a broken, never updated bootleg copy of my style from 2016 is in the extension window's 2nd slot--while mine is missing altogether.

Interested in any insight on why it functions this way. Seems like a bad experience to show outdated and unkept styles.

Looks to show dated and broken recommendations for even the userstyles domain (?).


e: worth noting I noticed this on a different machine that had no styles installed; doesn't seem to be a "hide installed styles" issue.
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  • I don't have an answer for your question, as there isn't an obvious reason that I could ascertain by just looking at the styles for clues. But if it's any consolation, for the users of Stylus your style does show up first.


  • Interesting. Weird that the primary app is all wonky. Thanks for sharing.

    The only thing I can determine is that it sorts by weekly downloads based on some kind of filter.

    However, if you look at top styles for this domain or or even the weekly download counts are incorrect.

    Probably low priority, I guess, if it's been broken for this long.
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