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Stylish 1.9.0 isn't working with Chrome 47

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It updated to 1.9.0 and now I can't access my userstyles in the extension or anything, it's just a blank page. Please fix this or give me a link to the previous version so I can downgrade and back things up. And if you can when posting that previous version, version 1.8.2 can you make it NOT able to update itself? Being that 1.9.0 installed on Chrome 47 it should still WORK on Chrome 47. Thank you very much


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    Stylish 1.9.0? Chrome 47?
    Why using ancient versions? Completely insecure.
    Here is Stylish 1.8.3.

  • How do I keep Chrome from updating the extension automatically?
  • You can load it locally and patch Chrome to never show a warning about it:

    1. open chrome://extensions page and drag'n'drop the unpacked directory of Stylish 1.8.3 or older - it will replace the webstore version with the local one. I would also edit manifest.json and delete the line with "update_url", just in case.
    2. patch chrome.dll using DevWarningPatch.bat (it's inside the collapsed snippet) or follow the manual instruction posted there.
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