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new line begins in the middle of the row (when writing in a style )

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HI..when i edit styles i made for websites -the cursor stands in the middle of the line and not at the begining of it !! it doesnt agree to start from the left of the line/row...i hope you understand my english and can help me with that problem. THANKS


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    This is a 3-year old bug inherited from Stylish-for-Chrome: it sets the internal tabSizevalue as text instead of number (edit.js::276). The current developers of Stylish don't visit this forum so you can write them a letter or post a review on mozilla addons or chrome webstore sites, and provide the info I posted here.

    You can temporarily fix this bug by opening Devtools console in the editor page (Ctrl-Shift-J or F12 key): paste CodeMirror.setOption('tabSize', 4) and press the Enter key.

    FWIW, the bug is fixed in Stylus along with many other fixes and improvements for the code editor.

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