forum authentication error

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a couple of times when i've tried to post a msg it gives this error
if i click submit again it'll post it without problems


  • I haven't seen that ever. Using any page-changing extensions like Adblock or NoScript?
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    noscript with whitelisted
    and aardvark 1.0 (it adds divs to body when you load it)
    edit: seems not to be aardvark
  • Ooops! I just got one!
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    And it is in pink!?!
  • i also use proxomitron with grypen's filterset

    @makondo the above colour isn't the exact one just something close
    do you have noscript also?
  • nope, no noscript ;-). And it really IS pink here, ChoGGi.
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    never said it wasn't pink (my monitor has a quick switch button for colour settings so i normally keep it dark)
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