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Style code has an error - parse error on value "$" ($end) on line


I'm trying to submit a modified Style of "Jira Doodle Dark" by Chris Tieman:

But Im getting an error at the last lines.
It happens when no matter how many closing "}" I put or remove. Even when I delete some lines.
I looks at Chris's original code and I dont seem to be doing anything different really.
If anyone can take a look at my code and let me know whats wrong, I'd love the help!
See code here:



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    Quick hint from my linter: Add five } at the very end. Don't know if it works and where it comes from as I didn't look through all the code (2000 lines was a bit too much...)


    Looks like some error with the @-moz-document rules. You defined the same rule five times. Once around the whole thing is enough.

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    Hi Stonecrusher!!
    That was the trick!! You got it!! :D
    I'm not 100% sure why the original code is made like that, but I didn't experiment too much in arguing with it :P
    I had to actually add 6 "}" at the end to make it work - but it submitted!!

    Thank you so much for the hint!!
    - SuperDooM

    See it here:
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