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'Retrieve Backup' Unicode Problem

I'm not English Native user, Specially Korean.

There is not problem using korean in Stylish.

But it has problem in Retrieve Backup.

Korean words are all broken in Retrieve Backup.

I checked it..

Profile Save - Ok
Profile Import - Ok
Profile Export - Ok
Backup all Installed - Ok (Viewing textfile)

Retrieve Backup - Broken!!

I think Unicode Problem in Retrieve Backup process.

I hope This problem can solve soon!


  • Import has been bugged for non-typical characters ever since the backup feature was introduced in Stylish, which has gotta be close to a year ago. We reported the bug within days, and it has never even been acknowledged, let alone fixed.

    It's unclear whether Stylish devs completely ignore all bug reports because they don't care, or because they're so incompetent that they're incapable of fixing them. Probably a combination of both.

    Check out Stylus. The garbled import bug was one of the first issues addressed.
  • anagrammar//
    Thank you for your answer.
    It worked in Stylus
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