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Block the Animation on

If I try to search, and mouse over a style, the style moves, and this hurts. Is there a way to keep the styles from moving?


  • P.S. I added domain("") to my transition blocker; it seems to work.

    @-moz-document domain(""), domain(""), domain(""), domain(""), domain(""), domain("") {

    * { transform: none!important; animation: none!important; transition: none!important; }

  • It doesn't block the slide-punch. Unfortunately, blocking javascript blocks the whole site.
  • Sorry, but what do you mean by this:
    Marja E said:

    It doesn't block the slide-punch.

  • Just get rid of the whole container. It always displays the same styles anyway.

    #wrapper-carousel, #ovals-wrapper { display:none !important; }
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