GMail ReCoding

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Hi all - this is Paulfox, and as of this afternoon (1PM Pacific Time) 10/29/07, my "Gmail button colors" and "Bold Label Names" are *hosed* because of new format. I've noted these comments on the individual scripts, and there is another post on here re: Gmail.

The good news is they've added 1.5GB in storage to the mailbox size, and the "Quick Contacts" is much better laid out now.

At least on my GMail addy, there is now an option in upper right to "use older version." Unfortunately, this preference is not sticky and you'll have to click on it each time you open your GMail - even if cookies are allowed for google and mail (dot) google. Customize Google isn't blocking the ads any more, either.

I LOVE Gmail - and trust them implicitly - so I'm sure there'll be a workaround soon, from someone else if not me. I'll work on it when I have more time, but it appears the buttons (for example) have the same name now, and the only delineation is "textContent," which isn't working in userContent to change to the new format. Hope this all makes sense; I'll either retire the scripts or see what happens with the "older version" option - perhaps GMail will make it a sticky preference.


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